Friday, December 08, 2006

Tomorrow is Another Day

Tomorrow is the auditions for the short 'comedy' film I had been working on the past few weeks, which I can't remember if I had mentioned here before or not. Regardless, it should be, erm, interesting to say the least. We've had a bit of a disappointing response to the casting call so far, but we're keeping positive.

Production has been pushed a little back to around early February, which should give us enough time to cast and prepare for the actual shoot. The script is still under maintenance, I've change a few bits here and there after receiving more feedback and comments. It's looking good, but our real concern now is with the acting and finding the right people for the roles!

A few days ago I had actually done a bit of writing. I penned about 350 words on Buried, and a couple of hundred on Against. Pitiful I know. But I always say that. Buried has already been two years in the making, while Against is having a similar fate. I think I need to take some time off from everything thing else to focus on my writing. I struggle big time to concentrate on one thing when there are a dozen things on my mind at the same time. Maybe I just need a good kick in the arse!

Elham – the new group for creative people which had been inaugurated last month – has had a good reception. Its very encouraging. People seem to be getting into it and I hope that it grows into something bigger and unique. We are now thinking of where to take it next, and how. We want to create something exciting, fun and stimulating.

So if you are interested in joining us please leave a comment or email me or

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