Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week In, Week Out

One week down. Three to go.

Ramadan Kareem to you all.

Ramadan always seems to go as quick as it comes. The first week went on pleasantly, apart from the three day's that I've been sick. I was bed-bound for a while and since getting back on my feet I've been running between my new job and all things Elham-related. More on that soon. I'll be posting about our 7th monthly gathering - which will be next Tuesday - in the next day or two. Although you've likely already heard about it. It was all over the magazines and newspapers and magazines (Ohlala, Bahrain This Month, Bahrain Traveler, Gulf Weekly, GDN, Bahrain Confidential etc).

My bro is back from the UK after complete his Masters program. It's cool to have him back. That was the longest he's been away from home. So we've been hanging out since his return. I've also been watching a few DVDs including a brilliant film called Dead Man's Shoes and I also re-watched A History of Violence, one of the best films you're likely to see, gripping in its sutble violence and intense drama.

Oh and just as a side note, I've recieve yet another rejection from Succour

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