Tuesday, August 10, 2010

15 for 15

I just finished unwrapping 15 brand new music CD’s.

That was fun.

Now, I have to “import” all of them onto my Mac, then onto my iPod.

Yeah. Fun.

My favorite part of buying a new music record used to be unwrapping it, sliding in the CD into my music player for the first time and going through the sleeve/booklet (I love the way they smell).

Now, that seems rudimentary. As the actual act of owning a CD doesn’t have the same value it used to. Because once you import it onto whatever machine you’re using, you are unlikely to EVER pick that CD again.

Still, I was as excited as a bunny in a free-range carrot field when I stumbled upon an entire stack of brand new CD’s at Geant, going for as low as BD1 only each! I spent the better part of half an hour rummaging through the stacks.

I found a couple of gems, a few old records and some new ones. I couldn’t get all the ones I wanted to go, because that would’ve been silly. But I’m happy with my new collection, which includes Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Rolling Stones, Fastball, Razorlight, Radiohead, Weezer and BeastieBoys among others.

I’ve currently got a little over 600 CD’s on my shelf. These don’t include the ones I got tucked away, the ones I lost to ex-girlfriends, and the ones I left behind in my travels.

Also, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve got hundreds of “cassette tapes” in my closet!

Now, let the “importing” begins!

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