Friday, May 23, 2014

Unforgotten Romance

No, I haven’t forgotten that I’ve hurt you.
Just as I haven’t forgotten the time
You slid your hand onto mine in the movie theater once
And how that made me feel

Like electricity surging through me
Like warmth enveloping me
Like coming back home after years in the wilderness

No, I haven’t forgotten that I’ve disappointed you
Just as I haven’t forgotten
The time you looked at me with those eyes
As we hid away in your car in the desert
And how completely lost I was in them

I haven’t forgotten that
I would’ve had those feelings all those past years
And now I’m filled with regret
For letting go of it before I even caught it
For not seeing your love

And I haven’t forgotten how you saved me from my anger that night
You embraced me as the music filled our bodies
And your eyes shone brighter than the moon

I haven’t forgotten my failure to love you
My failure to be whole with you

But now
For fear of losing you again
For fear of wanting you more
Now I want to forget

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