Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Noble Way

If you think that it is not physically possible to actually laugh till you explode, then you haven't heard or seen Ross Noble yet!

Noble is simply and undoubtedly one of the funniest 'blokes' on the planet Erath today. I had the pleasure of finally seeing him perform live in the flesh at the Corn Exchange a week or so ago. Me and my partner were laughing so hard we thought we're going to have a heart attack any minute now. I had seen Noble on telly before, but the live experience is certainly unforgettable.

He is now my favorite comedian. His witt and absolute recklessness with his jokes are hard to be matched by any other stand up comedian of his generation. Nothing is sacred, his random approach to comedy is one that is sure to knock anyone down with tear-jerking laughter. With no script or rehearsed sketches, he creates situations that are certainly out of this world.

If you've never heard or seen him, I urge you to do so. God you will laugh, trust me do. I for one find myself at the verge of physically exploding from the inside whenever he is on.


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