Sunday, October 30, 2005

Now That's Poetry

Big congratulations to Hisham Alawi Al Sakin on the publication of his very first book of poetry a few days ago. His book includes a lovely collection of 30 poems written in English. This is great news not only for Hisham, but for the literary scene in general in Bahrain.

I've known Hisham for a long time as I had the pleasure of working with him during my time at the Bahrain Tribune. I remember last year, not long after I launched my novel, we met at a doughnut shop, discussing various matter of literature, poetry and publishing. And I am glad that Hisham went ahead with his work and produced this collection, which I am raring to read. Unfortunately, I missed his launch ceremony, but you can read all about it and about the book as well, in this GDN article.

Once again, congrats Hisham on this achievement and let's hope to see more of you in the future.

(PS. I still owe you a cup of coffee)

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