Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Pasta Strain

I think I've done a lot better this time around with revision and editing and, with the help of my beloved Karen, I reckon we got ourselves a decent collection of short stories. Moments is about 95% ready for publication, the next step being, where to take it from there.

With QuixotiQ, there was some sort of communication breakdown which resulted in allowing some mistakes and bad grammar to slip through, but having the chance to work on things together in person, is a lot better. The process - thanks a great deal to Karen, I must confess - gained me some more insight and made me a little more (gasp) patient! Having said that, I still believe there is more room for improvement.

I was surprised at how a story could read so much better by simply taking a word or two out, moving sentences around, and tweaking things here and there. The important thing is to keep the story flowing and to maintain consistency. I used to shrug off suggestions or comments on revision and 'more' editing, but I understand now.

It's a question of sifting through it all, like draining pasta in a colander! Let's face it, you wouldn't want the starchy water with that do you?

Didn't think so.

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