Thursday, July 27, 2006


I had a meeting today with the tech guys of Al Maseerah to talk over a few things regarding Moments, the book. It went well. But I was kind of taken aback by the lack of variety when it came to the type of paper they use for their books. They usually either use glossy paper, or normal white sheets. We will, of course, have to go with the white paper. But I was assured that the cover will be exactly how I wanted it, and that the book will be hard-bound.

I've also gotten in contact with two potential venues for the book launch. I should be meeting with one of them in the next few days to see what could be done to co-ordinate an event.

I'm sure you'll be overcome with joy and jump up and down at learning that I actually got some writing done on Buried, my second novel! Horay horay?! No?!

Well, I started with chapter 20 and have written closer to 1500 words. As you can see from the gauge bar to the right, it's not a big leap ahead, but its still progress. A slight progress has also been recorded on Against, my third novel. I've also worked a bit more on the short story Riding In The Backseat. I'm at the very end of it now and just need to wrap it up with a strong closing.

What? More news you ask? Ok, the website is still undergoing another update. There'll be a few things missing, replaced with one or two new bits. And some changes here and there. I will update it probably August 1st, in time with the release of the press release announcing the Moments book launch.

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