Friday, April 22, 2005

First QuixotiQ Translation

For the very first time, an excerpt from QuixotiQ has appeared in Arabic!

The translated chapter 22 ran in today's Akhbar Al Khaleej newspaper. It was prepared and translated by Bahraini writer Mahdi Abdulla. You can access the page by cliking this link.

As much as I was hesistant about the move, I am pleased with the final result. Mahdi has done a great job in translating the excerpt from English into Arabic without really messing any of the story up or taking any of the context away. (Good job mate.)

Whether this will open the door to the possibilty of translating the whole manuscript into Arabic or not remains to be seen. Though I know for sure that even if that would be the case, it would not happen in the very near future.

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Cavan said...

Very cool, Ali. Congrats!