Saturday, April 16, 2005

Japan Rocks!

I liked it. Maybe I liked it too much. Mum says I not been myself since I got back. on the last day, I just didn’t want to come back. I felt lonely but warm while I was there. I saw many things that made me smile, think n reflect. I found beauty. I came across strangers on the street that I wanted to hug, so that they know I am here, I exist and that life is ok. I was taking back in time to eras I have only known in books n movies. In the gardens I saw lovers taking pictures of each other. When the sun rose, I felt godly.

I was a familiar alien. I mostly wanted to be alone, steering off the group whenever I could. I hated the food. But now I miss it! I got extremely annoyed at how people kept taking photos of the cherry blossoms, never really taking a moment to LOOK at them. They were right there in front of their eyes, but they preferred taking colorless fake pictures of them, then touch them, smell them, feel them. I stared at the signs, how they flickered. I touched a 400 year old wood gate and I felt time traveling through my finger tips. The gate, it almost spoke to me.

I saw a monk standing in front of a temple, his eyes shut as if he were asleep, yawning. I wondered if he was thinking about sex, out of boredom. I smiled. I burned an incense stick; I drank sweet green tea at the foot of the temple. Some were praying; others were oblivious to the spiritual strength of the place. I ate sushi n was disturbed at how nice it tasted. perhaps I was too hungry to care. on the streets, no one even glanced at me. At the hotel every person bowed n smiled n greeted me as if I were royalty!

We ran like idiots across the platform to catch the 'Bullet Train' ... yeh, Japan rocks!

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