Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Rule of 1000

I’ve been doing some writing these past couple of days, finally seeming to get back into the habit of sitting in front of my laptop, sipping a hot cup of coffee and typing away. It feels nice.

I’ve taken another drastic decision by reducing the amount of work involved in my job. I’m now going to be a regular contributor, instead of a full-time staffer. So my one and only plan for now is to write as much as I can. To focus solely on writing. The past few months have been unproductive due to the job pressure and the amount of working hours I put in.

I’m so far satisfied with what I’ve managed to write, though I know that I must double the amount of produce as I go along. I’ve gotten back to working on my screenplay and today I actually wrote about 350 words on BURIED, which comes as a big relief as I thought I reached a deadlock with that one, not very long ago.

My next step though is going to be a tough one. Starting the first of May, I am determined to write no less than 1000 words – whether on short stories, novel, scripts or articles… I must write 1000 words every day (except Friday – well I gotta get a break don’t I?) I figured I must take a very serious action if I want the rest of the world to take me as a serious writer and now that I am a published author, I ought to work harder and get those stories flowing.

I’ll stop when I make my first million.

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