Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Long Goodbye

I am leaving in a few hours to Stockholm! The past week or so has been rather hectic as I ran like a headless chicken trying to put this trip together. I am catching the 1am Gulf Air flight to Frankfurt, where I will have a very lengthy layover for no less than EIGHT hours. Then I will fly, via Amsterdam, to Stockholm.

This is to attend a four day conference I was invited to by the Sodertorn University. Visit the website to learn more about the conference. I will hopefully get the chance to present my work during the event, but more importantly, the final day of the conference will conclude with a screening of Models of Success. This will be the very first time the film is shown in Europe, so hopefully it’ll go well and will receive positive response.

I’m also looking forward to spend a few days in Frankfurt with Karen, who I’ve not seen in months and who I dearly miss. I need the break. So, there probably won’t be any updates till I get back from the trip. Till then, stay safe and be good.


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Cerebralwaste said...

Ok Ali.... Tsk Tsk Tsk

You don't go dropping little nuggets like and I quote

"I’m also looking forward to spend a few days in Frankfurt with Karen, who I’ve not seen in months and who I dearly miss."

without tossing in some sorid details my friend. Who is this fair lady?? Hmmm...Hmmmm..??? Fess up...

tooners said...


Enjoy ur trip! Enjoy seeing Karen... what is that saying??... hmmm, I can't remember.. darn it. "time apart makes the heart grow fonder" or something like that. Anyway... have a wonderful trip. I want to see lots of pics! :)

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