Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stardust in My Eye

As shooting begins for the upcoming adaptation of Stardust – and especially with the emergence of these recent images from the location – I can’t help but feel overly excited. I got this way about Mirrormask when I first heard about it. But this is different. This will be the adaptation of my most favorite of Neil Gaiman’s novels. I love Stardust. I’ve read it at least twice. Which says a lot since I don’t often complete the books I start reading, let alone reading the more than once!

What’s worrying me more though is the fact that it has a “star-studded cast” – you get Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Clare Danes etc – and is directed by Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake, a film I didn’t rate highly. But alas, Mr Gaiman himself has great faith in Vaughn and I’m sure (and hoping) that it’ll be a cracking film.

Come 2007, quick!

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