Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nature's Law

I haven’t really had a great deal of development on the writing front these past couple of months, something that I’m very disappointed with. Apart from MoS, I barely had the time, energy and frame of mind to focus on my other writing projects.

But it seems I’m finally getting my groove back. Over the past week or two I managed to get a little bit of fiction written. Notably the 903 words I put in on Buried in two days. I’ve not touched that in a long time, so it felt a little odd but comforting going back to it. There are still plenty of plot holes to fill. I’m just eager to finished the first draft of the manuscript, the last thing I want is to spend another five years completing this (my second) novel.

Other than that, I started a new story, aptly titled Pillow. I love the title, and I love the idea of the story. This would be my first proper children’s book and I’m hoping to have it illustrated as well. What I have in mind is a cross between Wolves in the Walls and Coraline, both Neil Gaiman children’s books. I wrote 909 words on that so far.

As soon as the MoS book is done and released, I will return my attention to the collection ‘Moments’ which I’m getting eager to publish. I know I know, I’ve been saying that for god knows how long! But it’ll happen, trust me. Have some faith. Be patient.


Cerebralwaste said...


Congrats on getting back to work! I just can't understand why you have been slacking off so much of late.. I mean can't you multi task? So what if you have been filming, giving interviews, doing public readings and trying to do a few other things as well. BUSINESS is BUSINESS!! No keep banging out those words!

Anyway I know a certain cat named Shoufy who is taking an interest in your children's book. Please keep me posted!

Cavan said...

And, hopefully, I'll get you some comments on Moments soon. I have an exam Wednesday, but after that I'm free and clear for at least a week, so hopefully I can get the ms read then.

Ali Al Saeed said...

CW, thanks, thats just what I needed! We've just finalised all copy for MoS: The Journey. Looking forward to seeing the final designs. I'll say more about Pillow in due time.

Cheers Cavan I'll be waiting on that. And let me know if you'd be alright having one of those quotes on the cover or Moments?

Askinstoo said...
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tooners said...

Your books will be finished in no time! I like the title Pillow as well. Nice title for a children's book. Will you do your own illustrations?

I started working on a children's book... when I get back home, I really want to get back into it, and then into the other one also. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

Good luck to you my friend. May your muse move your fingers and thoughts faster than lightening! :)