Thursday, August 03, 2006

In Which Gaiman Replies

Capture Weekly will be publishing Goodbye Humanity in their fourth issue which will be released next Wednesday (Aug 9). The publication is released, for now, in digital format only, and features new 'high quality fiction for free' every week.

Oh and Neil Gaiman finally answered one of my emails on his blog! Wohoo! On the third attempt, my questions went through and the reply was posted on his journal a couple of days ago (dates July 31, scroll down to see it). Ah, now I feel all special.

And finally… is there a Monster in your closet?


tooners said...

I checked out his site and read his comments to you. That's very cool!!

You did quite well w/ the audio... I think each person, when recording, takes on their own personalities and it comes out in the story. I think you did just that. I've listened to lots of books on tape and they're all different, which is what makes them unique and interesting to listen to... well, abd the stories in and of themselves.

Ali Al Saeed said...

thank you once again.

Some peope (writers) are of the tendacy of going into deep research and study for a particular topic/subject. I don't. I get the basics and run amock with it!

Sometimes it pays off.