Monday, August 14, 2006

You Can't Miss It

Now At Booksplus, Seef
Originally uploaded by Ali Al Saeed.
Models of Success; The Journey is now available for sale at Booksplus in Seef Mall. The book is displayed on the shops front window. You can't miss it! Go on, show your support by purchasing a copy. Great gift for young adults this one.

I'm going to focus over the coming days on finalizing the details for any upcoming events for promoting Moments. Like I previously mentioned there will probably include a launch event, book signing, reading and talk. A number of venues have expressed their interest in hosting such events; it's just a matter of agreeing on a date and time.

Proofing Moments has been completed.


Hisham said...

Kudos to you Ali!

While I admit I have yet to read your work (my excuse is this: my amazon wishlist is out of control, and my last order still has a few bricks for me to get through,) Bahrainis such as yourself are an inspiration to everyone.

Quixotiq and MoS will definitely be on my next purchase list.

On that note, I've just put up my new blog at come visit sometime.

Ali Al Saeed said...

Hi Hisham, thanks for dropping by and for the kind words. Very flattering.

You should come over when I have the launch of my next book Moments, next month!