Sunday, August 27, 2006

Making It Count

Not a great deal to report I'm afraid. The dates for the book tour have been locked in so you can now plan ahead to which ones you'd like to attend... my recommendation? All of them!

Moments is in for a review at the GDN, so hopefully one will be printed in time with the launch of the book. Fingers crossed it'll be a positive one. Speaking of the GDN my second column was printed last week. And I've created a new blog/site in which you can find my weekly column Culturally Speaking, appearing one or two weeks after publication.

And speaking of sites, I've done a few new extra touches to my main website with a couple of new downloads and tidbits. And speaking of , er, newness... more thna 550 words have been written on chapter 20 of my next/second novel Buried (working title). Still feels a long way to go.


tooners said...

Here's to a successful book tour! Cheers to you. :)

Cerebralwaste said...

Keep us posted on how the tour goes! Cheers!