Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In Which I Announce I'm Going To Yemen, Present You With This Month's Elham Program & Tell You About a Twisted Little Thought!

I'm going to Yemen!!!!!!!

For some reason I can't stop laughing everytime I say that! But, I am actually looking forward to this trip. I'm leaving this Friday and coming back Wednesday. Which sucks only because it means I'll miss this month's Elham which will be held over three evenings! How cool is that! Below are the details of these events:
25 March - Launch of the University of Cairo Book Fair
26 March - Culture: Wondering and Pondering (Local writers Hisham Khalifa and Deonna Kelli Sayed use creative prose to share thoughts on the meaning of culture. Additionally, there will be selected readings from book fair features.)
27 March - Expression in the Internet Age (Discussion with bloggers in Bahrain and others how technology enhances/limits creativity.)
28 March - Language: Translation and Expression (Bahraini Ali Al- Jallawi poetry reading, with translation read by Ayesha Sardhana, followed by discussion on the effectiveness of translation. In Arabic and English. Moderated by Hameed Al Qaed.)

There are a couple of very improtant developments. One of which concerns the short film I have been working on for the past several months. The decision was finally made to postpone the shoot until autumn to ensure our cast and crew are fully prepared.

For anyone who's missed my last week's GDN in which I explained how my laptop's hard drive has been damaged. I've been running around asking people to try and hopefully salvage something out of it. Staying optimistic is proving very difficult.

And as a footnote, I urge you to check the latest post on Twisted Little Thoughts about an unusually esoteric Red Apple!


Cerebralwaste said...

Don't know why you laugh at going to Yemen. That is a place I have wanted to visit for years. Of course Ali I would be happy to trade places with you on that trip. You can come to the US. Play with my bonsai trees, ship out the orders and I will go to Yemen and soak up the local flavor and inhale the shawarma! Sound like a good deal to you?

I can be in Bahrain in less than 24 hours!

Ali Al Saeed said...


I didn't mean it like that. I've been told many great things about the country so I'm actually pretty excited about going... a perfect excuse to use my brand-new hot Canon G7 camera! :)

Cerebralwaste said...


I assure you I was only jesting at you but of course the offer still stands! I would LOVE to go to Yemen and sooner or later I will. I still have plans for a GCC area Shawarma Tour.. mmmm Shawarma..mmmmm

I bet you will get some good chances to break in that G7. SWEET camera as I understand. Post some shot of Yemen if you can or care too!

Omar Barsawad said...

I assure you Ali - should you have the luck and time of seeing Yemen and most of its attractions and knowing its people, you will always want to come here aagain.