Saturday, March 17, 2007

We Are Cultural Terrorists

Everybody has been talking about how farcical the parliament (and certain MPs) have reacted to the Spring of Culture, claiming it is immoral and brandishing it as the Spring of Sex (is there a bun in this?) and calling for it to be banned and investigated.

What a load of bollocks!

In my GDN column last week I talked about how absurd it was to even think that way, and to consider culture and art as another source of "devilry", another evil tool of the "West's" making!

And anyone who celebrates it – by admiring and indulging in dance, music and art – is looked at as some sort of "cultural terrorist" threatening all that our community stands for! We're sick of this maligning look we are given by those few idiots out there thinking that they are they are our "saviors"

They go on wasting valuable time and resources on an invalid case while they should really be focusing on the real important issues. Is the country really going into "darkness" because a boy and a girl wore stretchy pants and danced on stage?!?!? Come on fellas, get real, and get over it and for once let us enjoy this freedom of artistic expression instead of trying to stifle us some more. We've had enough of that and we're not taking anymore of it.


Priya said...

I agree. It reminds me of India when I hear such stories - whole lot of chaos about nothing that really matters.

Oh and welcome to JWT :-)

Ali Al Saeed said...

The worrying thing is that it is starting to happen more often here and soemthing must be done to stop it before it gets out of hand.

And thanks for the warm welcome priya :)