Monday, April 30, 2007

Heritage Festival a Flop!

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I must admit, this was probably the worst heritage festival I've seen yet. Every year, the Bahrain National Heritage Festival is held at the traditional village next to the National Musuem, and every year the organisers select a new theme for the event. This year the choose football, and with the motto "Heritage of Passion" , and me being a footy fanatic, I thought I was in for a reall treat.

What a disappointment it was. There wasn't must to do or see. There was a photo exhibition of Bahrain's football histroy from 1920 to 1970. Some memorabilia, which was neat. There was also a small dirt football pitch where some kids played.

Apart fromt that, it just seemed like a family fun day. Lots of foods, toys and cloths to buy. Some music. Some kiddie games.

It just felt as everything was just thrown in together in the last minute, as the whole thing was an afterthought that the organisers kind of forgot about and then realised that have to put something on.

Still, the kids seemed to enjoy it. Shrug.

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