Thursday, April 19, 2007

That Time of the Month

The past two months I haven't felt like a "writer" at all. Simply because I haven't written anything. When I said I haven't written anything, I mean I haven't written any new material on my works in progress/fiction/stories. All of my writing has been related to my contributions in Ohlala and my GDN coloumn and it kinda sucks.

Besides, April has turned out to be one of those months. Too much happening at the same time. The fact that I started a new part-time job (I'm now a copywriter with a major international advertising agency - yes, I sold my soul to the corporate whore, according to a friend!) means that my days are filled, spending most of the day out either at the office or in meetings and interviews and running errands related to my other work.

But lets look on the bright side. Lots of cool stuff coming up. This month's Elham will be held next Thursday. I will post all the details over the weekend so watch this space. I've also got a book event coming up in a couple of weeks' time. This is looking likely to be on May 4th in the afternoon at the new Seef Mall extension. Again, I will post the details very soon, when all is put in place.

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