Friday, April 13, 2007

She Dreams of Cake

Sophia Copolla is a very interesting director. I liked Suicide Girls, loved Lost in Translation and was overwhelmed by the beauty of her latest film Marie Antoinette, which I saw just recently. Her style is putting a film together is just wonderful, from the very first frame to the last; her use of natural light, rich colors and small, simple moments leaves a warm feeling inside you as you watch.

Marie Anoinette's story is told wonderfully here, but it still lacked a certain something at certain parts. I thought the first third of the film was simply outstanding, brilliant in every second, frame, line and shot. But the second third was somewhat repetitive and sterile, while the last third didn't have that ever-lasting impact her previous films did, which is truly a shame. In my opinion, the focus should've been kept on the awkward yet seemingly warm relationship between Marie and her king husband Luis.

Overall, a very pleasant film worth watching. I'd give it 3 out of 5.

Watch out for the Four Winds


Abdul Rahim said...

I rented this movie two days ago and i am waiting for some free time tomorrow to watch it, now i am even more excited!!

Ali Al Saeed said...

Thanks for stopping by abdul rahim and welcome...

Let me know what you make of them film once you've seen it?

tooners said...

hmmm... i wasn't impressed w/ the film. i would have also liked more stuff about the relationship between the two. at first i thought he was gay and that's why it wasn't happening and such... and then she started an affair, and then the movie just went down hill. i was a bit disappointed.