Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Heart of the Matter

Last night we had the first read-through of the KEEP short film script. Both actors (Gavin & Simone) did pretty well and we had a good chat about the direction I wanted them to take with the charachters.

It was an interesting session as I've never had a read-through before, to see (and hear) someone performing something that I had written was quite fascinating. They had their own interpetations and they took onboard the suggestions I had made.

We are now set to film on August 10th & 11th. The film will be about 8 minutes long and will be shot in one location. We are meant to go visit the location in a couple of days and put together a shoot schedule. And on Tuesday we will be doing a test shoot with the actors.

Oh, and our Human Heart had arrived from across the Atlantic!

As for my writing, it had faltered a bit lately I'm afraid. Still, I managed to pass the 42,000 mark. I still think I need more writing to do! My new estimated target is now probably around 50k, as I mentioned before. I'm a bit gutted, coz now it looks highly unlikely that I will finish the novel before the end of the month.

And to add to all this craziness (my illustrated story, making of short film, completing novel, pre-planning Elham and writing articles), I am starting my new "full-time" job this Wednesday!

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