Thursday, July 26, 2007

Illustrating Musk for Publication

I have always had a fascinating with art and illustrations, and have always wanted to have the opportunity to publish an illustrated story. My short story, Musk, will be serialized over three issues in Ohlala Arabia magazine from September and will feature illustrations by French young artist Meriem Bennani.

I am getting excited about the concept. The story is about a "giant" boy who is abandoned in the desert where he grows up believing that he was a god and encounters a "wizard" midget!

I've seen some of Meriem's work and was impressed by some of her illustrations. After I sent her the story and some of my notes, she began working on developing the illustrations that will go with the story in the magazine.

I got the very first drawings from her yesterday. These are the rough first drafts so to speak. I give you a sneak peak of Kabeer, the giant boy/god, here. I will posting the developments of the story and the illustrations over the next few weeks and take you through the process until the actual publication of Musk.


H. said...

The discrepancy in size and attributes is quite interesting. I look forward to reading it, and find the elaborate significance of such discrepancy.
Good Luck!!

moon-light7 said...

An illustrated story is a great idea:)
Some of Meriem's illustrations were quite strange I have to say, but most were cool...they seem somehow folkloric.
Good luck with the publication of the story. The draft, though rough, looks great. I really wish I could see a TV-series version of it though... heheh, very far fetched I suppose...

Ali Al Saeed said...

Thank you both. As this is my first experince in the medium, I'm feeling my way through it.

what I like about her style is that it is not 'solid', a bit abstract-ish! And I hope this will work to create a dream-like fragility to the story.

Yacoub said...

Wow! What a wonderful concept, I'm looking forward to see how it will turn out.

Now the name of the magazine does not sound familiar to me, is it available in Bahrain?

Ali Al Saeed said...

Thanks Yacoub...

Yes, it's a monthly magazine published in Bahrain actually! Mostly focusing on fashion, art and such.