Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Catch The Big Train

I love offbeat, silly British comedies (Human Remains, Marion & Geoof, The Office, Extras, Father Ted, Mike Bassette, Max & Paddy), and Big Train, which I've not seen at all before, has not disappointed yet. I've picked the complete seasons 1 and 2 and finding it to be quite a hilarious treat, atfer all it has Simon Pegg in it!

Tomorrow is my first day as a Blacksheepian!

And I just sneezed! (Bless me!)

The novel in progress is passed the 43k mark. It's slowed down a lot and I've only written a few hundred words over the past couple of days, very lame I know. Oh, and the test shoot has been moved to Sunday now, instead of, well, it was meant to be today.

I had to take my Canon G7 to the agent's workshop a couple of days ago because it all of a sudden died on me. Apparently there was a problem with the power, as it wouldn't connect to be turned on! I'm told it must've been shaken, or stirred! Heh, careful now. Anyways, it's all fixed now, but I was camera-less for a few days.

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moon-light7 said...

Good luck with all of it:)