Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
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I went out the other day for a photo shoot through Muharraq. The last time I did that was at least five or six months ago. There is no doubt that there is a magical thing about that place, because every time I visit I discover new things to shoot.

After a bit of dabbling with photoshop, I came up with this photo, which keeps reminding me of the film Little Miss Sunshine. The film is a beautiful treasure and I fell in love with it from the first frame. A simple story of a odd and somewhat dysfunctional family, I know it sounds too familiar, been done to death, but trust me when I say this, there is nothing like Little Miss Sunshine. That's one film that will leave such a lasting impression on you that you'll find yourself remembering for days and weeks to come.

Not to mention the fact that it have one of the most sweet-beautiful-romantic-heartbreakting-sing-a-long-happy tune I've heard in ages. If you must download one song this weekend, make it "Till the End of Time" by Devotchka.

Now go do something useful. Bake a cake or something.


Anonymous said...

I loved that movie, and I am loving that picture more! Are you a photographer? I've always wanted a proffesional to take some shots of me...

Ali Al Saeed said...

I'm glad you liked the film, and the photo!:)

No, I'm no pro, but I love photography and I've been told that I have an eye for that sort of think. Chec k out my other pix on flickr

Thanks again for stopping by.

neroli said...

Beautiful photos, and a beautiful movie. I can't eat anything with ice cream on top without thinking of Little Miss Sunshine.
I made pancakes today...does that count?

Ali Al Saeed said...

*smile* @ neroli... yup, pancakes indeed count! I loves pancakes!