Sunday, May 22, 2005

Give Me Some Shawarma!

The reading on the 24th won’t happen anymore! It’s been decided that it would be to postponed for a later date. Details will be announced soon. Please don’t panic!

One of the main reasons I wanted to postpone is because of the little accident I had last week at home! I hurt my knee (don’t ask how!) which sort of restricted my movement. It was worse than I first thought it was, but it is healing now and I would reckon it’ll be fine in the next few days.

This however also made me sympathize with footballers who suffer knee injuries. I mean, mine was minor, yet still got me home-bound for a few days!!

In any case, I haven’t really been writing much at all lately and that’s a big shame. The 1000 words per day rule lasted less than a couple of weeks! havin said that, I did manage to write 1160 words on a feature for BTM magazine and approx 750 words in a new project today.

Also, last week, I completed a screen script I’ve been working on for some time. This is an adaptation to one of my longer short stories. It will have to go under a lot of treatment, but it’s done now and can move on to the next phase. Hopefully, I can find someone who would be interested in producing it.

On the other hand, I have yet another idea for a novel. This one started off as a script idea but just today turned into a novel prospect. I began penning down the first few lines of it. This one is going to be literal, controversial… me thinks! The working title you ask? Shawarma!! Yes, as in the popular Bahraini sandwich.

Sounding good and silly already, doesn’t it?

Ah, which reminds me… been a while since I last had one!


Cavan said...

Believe it or not, I've never had shawarma, even though there's a place called Shawarma Shack at the end of my girlfriend's street.

Maybe I should indulge?

Congrats on completing a project - always a great feeling.

Ali Al Saeed said...

You should! Your life will never be the same again! :P