Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Progressive Progression

I know I know. You must be all dying to know what happened with the new Rule of 1000. Well, believe it or not, so far not too bad. With the exception of Monday – in which I had to visit a couple of bookstores to promote my novel – I think I managed to stick with that rule.

Today was an okay day. I wrote a few lines on the script, played a little with chapter 16 of Buried and, more significantly, wrote 978 words in a new short story (working title) The Burial, which was inspired by today’s awful sand storm here in little ole Bahrain.

I also learnt that my interview in the Health & Style magazine (Arabic) came out today, but I’ve not seen it yet! This was only the second interview in Arabic – the first was in Akhbar Al Khaleej newspaper. I should be getting my copy soon though.

For now, that’s all folks!

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