Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thought I'd Just Say...

Words Magazine will be publishing one of my short stories in a future issue of their well-established print fiction magazine.

The story in question is “Alone”. This would be my second story published in a print fiction magazine. This story is also in for consideration to be included in an online anthology produced by the publishers later this year.

Meanwhile, a date has finally been set for the reading: Tuesday, May 24, at Al Riwaq Gallery from 7pm. An official announcement by the gallery will be released in the next few days. This will be, like I said before, the first of a series of prose and poetry readings for local authors.

Sadly to say, not much writing has been done in the past couple of days, which means that the Rule of 1000 has already been broken. I know. I suck! I’ll do my best to recuperate though.

Last night, I was in a mood for a good film. And I got one. Birth. A very disturbing and intimidating film dealing with a very controversial and dark issue; reincarnation. Nicole Kidman delivers yet another stunning performance. Highly recommended viewing.


Cavan said...

Good stuff, Ali! Does "Words" happen to have a website I could check out?

Ali Al Saeed said...

yes, Cavan there sure is... here's the link

Ali Al Saeed said...

You also might wana check out this fab scifi/fantasy e-zine