Thursday, June 30, 2005

Unfamiliar Territory

Preparations are still underway for the upcoming Cambridge Seminar. I'm supposed to finalize my trip details on Sunday and if all goes well, I should fly to London Wednesday night.

I've been reading about the contributors who will be taking part and attending this event. These are obviously people who have worked very hard and have significant achievements under their wings, published, award-winning, critically-acclaimed authors…. This is somewhat intimidating to be honest and I am now thinking "Do I deserve to be amongst those people?!" it may sound silly, but it’s true that people like me, self-published/POD authors, are looked still looked down on, to some extent.

Thankfully so far, I've not had many negative attitudes towards me or my book because I am self-published or because my book is a POD title. And from what I sense generally, this sort of attitude is fading away and people are opening their eyes, minds and arms to print on demand. But, not really wanting to get carried away over nothing, I'll just cross my fingers and hope this seminar will be an eye-opener for myself and that I can get the most out of it.

If you're still wondering about the website, well, uploading the pages/files is proving more difficult than I first thought. It's a struggle, time-consuming affair. Plus, I am using freewebs web-hosting instead of bravenet this time around, and I'm not very familiar with it yet.

Patience my dear boys and girls, patience.


Cavan said...

I know how you feel, Ali. Wouldn't worry about it too much, though, I'm sure everything will go well.

Ali Al Saeed said...

Thanks Cavan. It'll sure be interesting. :)

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