Monday, July 04, 2005

Check it Out

It's finally officially on!

My new website is now online. Took a while, but it's finally there. I hope you like it and find its contents useful and entertaining.

I am leaving late on Wednesday to attend the Cambridge Seminar, thanks to the kind people at Etihad Airways for sponsoring my flight to the UK. A press released regarding the seminar will be available within the next couple of days.

Also, today I got a call from the Cultural Directorate inviting me to attend the ceremony on – check this out! – Wednesday night (yes, the same night as my flight) to the Bahrain Outstanding Book of the Year Awards 2004.

Took'em a while, but they got there!

EDIT: seems that there's a problem with the website link, please try


Cavan said...

The front page looks groovy, Ali!

Unfortunately, the links to the rest of the site don't go anywhere.

Ali Al Saeed said...

thanks for bringing my attention to that cavan! i'll try and fix it