Monday, July 11, 2005

In The News

Apparently, I've been in the news these past couple of days for very different reasosns.

The Bahrain Tribune ran an article about my recent book award and the Cambridge seminar I am currently attending.

The Gulf Daily News however, ran a piece concerning my travel through London in time with the horrible events of 7-7.

Apart from that, things are going extremely well at Cambridge and I've met a lot of very interesting and nice people. I also did a reading for two of my short stories (The Purple Rose and The Bullshitter) both of which recieved applause and praise. This must be the highlight of the event, at least for me, because reading for such an experinced and qualified group of people and earning their praise and recognition says a lot.

I was a bit nervous, but the more I read the more confident I grew, as I felt the positive response from my listeners. and in time with reading the quirky Bullshitter, I was pleased to hear them giggle and laugh at the right places.

In fact, people are still talking about that reading and keep referring to the two stories, which is wonderful.

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iamnasra said...

Im so proud that you are able to gain not popularity am admairer