Monday, February 13, 2006

The Dreamworld of Mirrormask

I couldn’t contain my gasp when I discovered that my DVD rental shop had a copy of Mirrormask, the film created by (my god) Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. I first mentioned about the film in December 2004, on my old journal. It’s been a long wait, but I’ve finally seen it.

It was good, pretty good actually. Breathtakingly, out-of-this-world, entertaining good. If I’m being cruel, I’d give it 3&1/2 stars out of 5. There was nothing outstanding in the story itself, but the world which McKean and Gaiman have created was truly fantastic. It’s what you'd expect of a dream! Strange, sometimes scary, sometimes odd, sometimes cute and sometimes profound.

liked the little girl playing Helena n her sidekick was funny too. There were sum pretty fab moments, and all the elements of a classic Gaiman fable were there. The quirkiness and bizarreness! The wittiness. But I think what took the wow factor out of it, for me, was the story in that it was pretty much predictable, a bit conventional. Still, I enjoyed every minute of it and I wouldn’t mind watching it once or twice again. I must see film, I might add.

Unfortunatly, we don’t get films like that on general release in local theatres. But the Mirrormask DVD is out already!

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