Saturday, February 18, 2006

Marching Ahead

Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting somewhere.

Eevn tough development has not been consistant these past few days, we are still progressing and covering a lot of ground with the Models of Success project. We’ve found ourselves a young and talented music composer who is going to create an original score for the film. Hashim Al Alawi runs his own studio, Mellostudio.

Art and Mazen have basically looked at most of the footage from the three day shoot, I understand there was about 6 hours worth of film to go through. We are hoping to have a rough cut in our hands by Sunday.

Yesterday, Art, Sam and I went out to get some b-roll footage for the film as well as still images to sue in designing the book from the traditional village at the Bahrain National Musuem. We got some pretty good footage and images which we can work with. But the strong winds forced us to keep our Bahrain Fort session very short.

Also, we kind of figured out the basic layout of the book and we feel that we are now on to something. I better write the rest of it pretty quick though.

Don't forget to visit the MoS Photo Diary for the latest images from the production.

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