Wednesday, February 22, 2006

[Nice to Meet You] Anyway

Earlier today, Enas, Sarah and I were interviewed on the ‘Ma’a el Shabab’ live show on Bahrain Radio (Arabic). Show hosts Mariam and Yazin were delightful and we ended up having a wonderful time during the one and a half hour session.

We basically talked about Models of Success, the movie and the book, spoke about our personal experiences, our roles in the production, gave our views on the themes and issues the film tackles as well as the role of women and its significance.

I was also asked a few questions regarding QuixotiQ (which Mariam actually read, and, to my relief, liked), my writing and future writing-related projects. The show will be re-broadcast on Bahrain AM radio tomorrow Thursday, 23, from 12pm to 2pm. Make sure you tune in.

It’s great to see such young and talented radio presenters doing their best to show support to youths in Bahrain, their issues and activities. The weekly programme focuses on just about everything that concerns youths, socially, educationally, culturally, politically and even sometimes religiously.

Speaking of media, a half page feature ran in today’s Al Wasat newspaper, in the films page, written by Mansoora Amir, in which she interviewed Art, our DP Mohammed, editor Mazen and myself.

But I got a bit of a stinker this morning. Dubai-based Zodiac Publishing rejected my manuscript for Moments, the collection of short stories, because it “didn’t fit our current editorial schedule”.

Ah, shucks!

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