Saturday, June 10, 2006

Out Of Nothing

I've completed re-editing and abridging five short stories for the planned Moments audio book. One of them is probably going to be dropped but I am not sure which one yet. The selected stories are: Bow, Lost, Goodbye Humanity, Fly Away and Beautiful Whispers.

I really found the process of re-editing and abridging very useful and was getting into it as I went along. I suppose it made me realize the truth in what I've been hearing and reading about chopping things up a bit sometimes.

I think a couple of these stories up there (such as Bow and Goodbye…) read a lot better now. The trick is to create a flow, to tightening things up and at the same time make it all clear and to the point for the reader.

Now I understand the benefits of omitting superfluous phrases and redundant words (boy did it take time or what!?), so much so that I was contemplating doing the same thing all over again through the entire manuscript of the Moments collection.

But I'm feeling pretty confident about it now. I'm hoping to meet with the published next week or so to talk about my book. Fingers crossed I can convince him to take on Moments. If he does, expect the book to come out in a month or so.

Back to the audio… Hashim at Mellostudio tells me he's all booked out until the end of the month, which means no recording sessions for me until then. We'll put a schedule together soon inshallah.

To end with, the World Cup has started. So you might hear a lot less from me over the next three to four weeks.


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