Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wouldn't Change A Thing

It may sound strange saying things, but I suppose writers feel more attached to certain stories they write, more than others. More often than not, that story wouldn't be their finest or best.

What I find sometimes is that I grow fond of one or two lines in a story. In that every time I read those lines, they make me smile, giggle or shake my head! More often than not, also, is that these lines wouldn't make any sense to anyone else, standing on their own.

Take this for example, a line taking from the children's tale in progress Pillow:

"Rana’s tummy rumbled and grumbled and made noises like the noises the little people living under her pillow made when they were singing."

Or "She ran off. Maybe she didn't like sandwiches." Which is from the short story, The Bullshitter.

There are other examples which I won't bore you with. But that made me wonder about how readers react to such lines or statements within my stories. It's hard to separate the self from your fiction.

To me that's the magic of it, to what people who read my stories get from them and how each has their own interptations.

Speaking of stories, yesterday I finished writing A Sheep Called Marlon and even though I think the story could be a lovely bedtime story, I was satisfied with how I ended it. It felt a bit rushed. Something that my Karen pointed out to me as well. And you know, she's usually right and all that.

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