Saturday, June 24, 2006

Turn Into

It appears I have spoken prematurely. The date and venue for the launch of Models of Success: The Journey has been changed. Now, it will be hosted by the National Cultural Forum at their premises in Al Musala on July 1st from 7pm onwards.

A press release will be issued within a day or two with all the details of the event and the evening's programme, which, I hear, will likely to include a screening for the film for those who missed earlier screenings.

I've done a little writing here and there the past few days. A bit on chapter 20 of Buried – which by theory should've been completed by now – and a few bits on a couple of other stories I got on the sides.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to meet up with Hashim (at Mellostudio) to pick up on things with the audio version of Moments. And for your eyes only, here is a prototype of the cover for the audio book CD package.

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