Friday, February 02, 2007

Don't Read This Post

Be quiet
Shut up
Leave me alone
Go away
Fuck you
For being there
For always staring at me
For loving me

Be silent
Piss off
Leave me behind
And watch me fade
Fuck me
Stab me
Kill me
I wouldn't even feel a thing

Put me to sleep
Make me dream
Wake me up
Make love
To me
To them
To the world
Take my anger
Keep it in a box
Feed it
To the monsters

Be quiet.


tooners said...

and who said artists didn't have emotions! ;) ;)

gosh, i have a few poems like this... sometimes it's the best way to let out those tied up emotions.... as well evidenced by this one.

i applaud you for posting it. don't think i've worked up enough nerve to do such... maybe one day! :)

Ali said...

man you r really depressed!!!
good luck with that

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