Sunday, February 04, 2007

Something Gud

I figured after the rather dreary poem and somewhat depressing posts, I'd share some slightly good news.

I have sold my very first artpiece! A new journal for fiction, poetry, are and more, called GUD "Good Uncommon Denominator" magazine, has selected one of my photographs to be featured in their next issue. I have never sold/published a photograph before!

Also, Gold Dust Magazine, which comes out of the UK, and which previously interviewed and published me, have accepted another short story of mine "Where Was Woody Guthrie?" to appear in - I believe - the autumn issue.

Finally, I heard again from the editor of the Strange Stories of Sand & Sea anthology, letting me know that my story has made it to the final stage and that I will be informed if it's accepted for publication or not, within a few weeks.

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Cerebralwaste said...

Congrats Ali!!! Glad to hear the good news!