Monday, May 14, 2007

The Boy With No Name

Travis are back. They are back and I'm in love. I'm in love and I'm happy. I'm happy so much I'm crying.


After the rather disappointing fourth album 12 Memories, Travis have somehow managed to put together what can be arguably their most gorgeous, perfect, powerful, solidly, wonderfully, beautifully meorable record to date. The Boy With No Name is so heartbreakingly, endearingly sweet that you'll literally feel your spirit lifted!

No person should be without this album.


sairafi said...

Was listening to it the other day actually, not what i was expecting considering Memories, but it's really good listening!


Ali Al Saeed said...

Thanks for stopping by sairafi

12 Memories was perhaps the most experimental the band was. What I like about this record is that you can feel the maturity in the band but at the same time they captured their original sound (check The Man Who and the Invisible Band) the only other exception is their first album Good Feeling which was the rawest of them all.

Sarah said...

oh!!! thanks for posting this. I 've never heard of them. I just heard a couple songs, and i'm SOLD. I'm getting the album! Thanks oh boyyyyyy im so excited!

Ali Al Saeed said...

you are most welcome sarah :)

I can't stop listening to "battleships" its my fave song on the album by far! I also love "selfish jean", "my eyes" and of course the wonderful "closer"

Sarah said...

I love Selfish Jean! I love Closer!! The whole album is on replay! ohhhh im so excited. You rock!

Sarah said...

Okay. I'm in love. Battelships is so smooth. I can't help but think of making video clips to go along with these songs.

Ali Al Saeed said...

lol yayy! I've managed to convert someone to Travis! :)

you MUST see the video to Closer, it's oh so so wonderful!

Sarah said...

Oh my god.. yet another reason to love them! :) Thanks Ali.

And speaking of complete strangers getting "closer" have you heard about the "Free Hugs Campaign" ? Check this out: