Sunday, May 27, 2007

Top 25 Songs on My iPod

Here is my first top 25 most played songs on my iPod nano. I'll be updating you with that list every now and then. Don't you just love lists!?

Some Surprise - Gary Lightbody & Lisa Hannigan
Ride - Cary Brothers
Rocky Took A Lover - Bell X1
Battleships - Travis
Set The Story Straight - Tom McRae
The Music - David Usher
Yer Not The Ocean - The Tragically Hip
Selfish Jean - Travis
Either Way - Wilco
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough - Manic Street Preachers
Baby I'm Yours - Arctic Monkeys
Four Winds - Bright Eyes
One Mississipi - Tom McRae
Elephant Gun - Beirut
I Wish That I Could See You Soon - Herman Dune
My Eyes - Travis
First of May - Jonathan Coulton
Rewind - Paolo Nuitni
Wrong - The Clyde
Brainstorm - Arctic Monkeys
Butterfly in Reverse - Counting Crows
White Light - Wilco
Seems Like Home To Me - Two Gallants
Close - Travis
Once In Your Life - Idlewild

Any of these songs on your iPod? If not, then start downloading!


sairafi said...

Paolo Nutini! wohoo, respect!

Cavan said...

Is it weird that I know almost every last one of these artists, but haven't heard a single one of these songs?

Ali Al Saeed said...

Yep, Paolo is alright.

Cavan, that is simply outrageous and must be remedied ASAP. Seriously, what is wrong with you man?

Sarah said...

wow. i'm downloading.

sairafi said...

How's caribou cafe' btw?

Ali Al Saeed said...

Hey sairafi... I suppose I was caught redhanded!!!

Caribou is fine. I like the atmosphere and the staff are simply the best ever. So sweet. Coffee isn't the greatest, but does the job.

You hang out there often?

sairafi said...

I was running right by, if i wasn't in a hurry i was going to stop over for a quick hello, definitely next time though!