Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've Gone All Nano!

I am a recent convert to the iPod. A couple of days ago I bought my first iPod nano from the Apple Centre and I'm loving it! I got the 8GB black one for BD110 which is fine, as a) I don't like the colored ones, and b) the colored ones have only BD4 and cost BD104. So the way I look at it, I got an extra 4GB for BD6 only! Bargain aye.

I already got 400+ songs on it. My previous MP3 player was a 2GB Philips one that I got from the UK (cost me about BD55 I reckon) and suddenly it died on me a couple of weeks ago for no apparent reason.
And speaking of MP3s, the Fabulist website has some of the finest music you'll ever find anywhere online. The website is updated often with wonderful music videos and gorgeous tunes to download for free. Check it out. Go on.

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