Saturday, May 26, 2007

No Bread Loaf For Me

About two months ago, I submitted an application to the Bread Loaf Writers Conference. The event is held between August 15 and 26 at the Middlebury College in the USA. I had just heard back from them. And it's not good news. They informed me that my application was rejected due to limited space availability.

Ah, well, better find me another one then.


Cerebralwaste said...

Sorry to hear this Ali. I was hoping you could get over here and see New England. I trust you will not let this rejecting stop you from sending in more applications!

Ali Al Saeed said...

Thanks CW. It won't. In fact, there is another application in process now which I am optimistic about. This one's much better, so I'm really anxious to hear from them.

More on that soon.

Cerebralwaste said...


Anything I can do to help just ask! I hope you can can over and spend some time in the area. The summers here are the BEST. Of course the winters are the worst but to quote Tony Soprano.. "Wadda youts goin' to do..Huh?"