Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I was about to write an upbeat kind of post when I got the call this morning.

I didn't make it to the Iowa International Writer Program. After a couple of months of anxious waiting, they finally got back to me telling me that my application - even though was strong - wasn't selected because this year the competition was very tough. Figures. My luck aye! Well, at least that's kind of the end of that. Because since I applied, (and I so badly wanted to go) I got three job offers. So it looks like going back to a teady job for me, after almost 3 years since the last job I had. Damn, has it been that long!?

Anyway, I'm gutted, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. My hope was that I will be able to use that 3-month program to complete my two novels in progress. But I won't let that get in the way. I shall and I will complete at least one novel over the summer.

Oh, and apparently I'm supposed to go to Saudi tomorrow for an event at this exciting new coffee house called Otacusch├ęz. An evening-with-the-author type of thing which is part of the three-day grand opening.

I've been listening to Rufus Wainwrights "Going To A Town" - a most hauntingly, heart-breakingly beautiful song!

Going To A Town lyrics

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Cerebralwaste said...

Sorry about the Iowa thing Ali. A bit of bad luck if you ask me. However the job offers are a good thing and CONGRATS to those! Keep plugin' on the writing contests as well and keep your head up. Sooner or later we will get you to visit this hemisphere. Until then have a shawarma and a beer and relax!