Tuesday, June 05, 2007

When You Find Two Gallants

Is it just me, or the weather in Bahrain is acting funny!? We had a cold winter, and now five days into June, and the heat is still tolerable. In fact, I was walking to work this morning (from where I parked the car) and there was a breeze. Last night, it was dry and pleasant. Of what I remember of past summers, the insnace heat hits us by mid-May! And now, there is talk of a hurricane coming our way, which is already causing thousands of people in Oman to evacuate! (http://gulf-daily-news.com/Story.asp?Article=184115&Sn=BNEW&IssueID=30077)

Anyway, work on the short film project I told you about previously is slowly progressing. We have now found the actors to play the two main (and only) roles. We are planning on a 2 to 3 days shoot at the end of the month. There might be slight changes in the script as we meet with the crew and cast next week.

And, on a random note, my new favorite band is...



Cerebralwaste said...

Don't you know or realize Ali that the coming "Hurricane" is an evil plot by the US and "W" in particular to level mass destruction upon the entire Gulf region? Come on Ali you know it is true.

With a little luck the "Hurricane" will engulf Iran as well and destroy their future weapons of Mass Destruction. Now give "W" his props for inventing a wonderful "WEATHER MACHINE" that has given Bahrain LOTS and LOTS of rain this year as well as cool weather and pray this scheme saves the world!!!


sairafi said...


What email would i best get you at?

Ali Al Saeed said...

haha CW, you know what, the sad thing is that there really are a few people who think that way!!!!

Sairafi, you can email me on ali_zodiac@hotmail.com

Cerebralwaste said...

Yes Ali a sizable few do believe this. So sad that their minds are so small they can't see the forest through the trees.

BTW Ali I sent you an email with a small start of s short story in it. Did you get it?


sairafi said...

Hehe looks like my request for an email came in handy to the public *snicker*!

Ali Al Saeed said...

lol @ sairafi.. don't worry, it's nothing CW doesn't know already! :P

CW, I just checked and I got it. I'll go over it and get back to you about it soon as I can.


Cerebralwaste said...


Thanks for checking it out for me. I appreciate it very much. Feel free to shred it and me to pieces if it isn't any good. All criticism is welcome and viewed as constructive.

Thanks again!