Sunday, June 17, 2007

What Do We Want?!

What do I want from life? What do you want from life? What does anyone want from life?

Beats me. That kind of changes every so often doesn’t it? Well, perhaps the essence of it doesn’t. How often we get asked that question? How often do we ask it ourselves? We always think we know the answer. It’s somewhere tucked away at the back of our heads. Surely, we DO know what we want! We must, mustn’t we? Otherwise the world is callous and preposterous.

I want…

I want to love
I want to live
I want to dream
I want to fly
I want to become
I want to be complete
I want to smile
I want to be happy
I want to be loved
I want to have lots of sex
I want to trek the Himalayas
I want to wake up every morning and not feel that there is something missing, that there is an emptiness, that, next to me, ahead of me, behind me, there is no more than what I see
I want to take pictures, write books, make movies

I want to
I want…


Afrah said...

"What do I want?" - Yes, I always think that I know the answer, and that if I get this thing or that I'll be much happier. But not all what we want is what we really need.
mmm... I think that the more we give, the more Allah shall rewards us with what would make us happy and grateful. It's as Shakespear once put it: "The more I give to thee, the more I have.."

Anonymous said...


When your night screams with loneliness in the dark
And you inwardly cry tears of frustrated torment
When silent walls crash around your fragments of fear
You’ll know I hear you

When you think love is the answer and find it is lust
And you still feel the emptiness above the smiles
When you wake with your heart sedated by truth
You’ll know I kiss you

When there’s hope that is crushed by a single word
And you write to hide chapters you never saw
When you turn the page back and glimpse home
You’ll know I know you

When your dreams fly away with a blossom of clouds
And you hold onto the echoes of empty tomorrows
When you grasp at falling leaves until the tree is bare
You’ll know I hold you

When you find smiles filled with laughter along the way
And you dance under stars embraced by your song
When you walk among daisies and make little chains
You’ll know I touch you

When your world lays in a parcel tied up with string
And you’ve all that you want except the last piece
When your night screams with loneliness in the dark
You’ll know I love you

Anonymous said...

yrros... you know what I mean... just a hug in words. me.

Ali Al Saeed said...

That's a good point afrah. There's a big difference. But sometimes it seems that people complicate things by mixing the two. Inner peace, satisfaction, contentment, these are things hard to find. I think, ultimately, that is what we all seek more than anything else in life.

Anon (I know who you are!) that is a poignant poem that says so much to me. I'll keep those thoughts in my head for now though.

Thank you. :)