Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Brilliant is Good is Quite Intriguing!

As you can see, there are slight changes on the sidebar.

I've finally submitted to featuring my own Word Meters for works currently in progress. This will give you some sort of idea on how far I am in which project, and hopefully will make me keep proper track of my progress rate.

The two on the table right now are Buried and Against, both novels. I've only started on the latter as recently as August/September. Taking in mind that QuixotiQ took me five years to complete, it's a whole lot of improvement. As for Buried, well, I think I've started on it almost two years ago already now. But hopefully, I'll manage to wrap it up soon.

The 'Moments' cover artwork mini-poll has been pulled down. Thanks to everybody that have taken part and voted. Your feedback is greatly valued and support much appreciated (and needed).

Here are the final results:

37% of you thought the cover was brilliant! Which is incredible. Cheers.
21% felt that it was quite intriguing.
32% reckoned it was just good.
5% thought it was mediocre.
And the rest 5% slammed it as rubbish!

So all in all, a positive reception.

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