Thursday, December 01, 2005

What's On Your Head?!

Since my return, I've been mostly preoccupied with matters other than writing, which is rather disappointing, to me at least. Over the past 3 months or so, I've made significant progress on my newest novel, Against. But that came to a halt for a few weeks. Having said that, I did write a little over 400 words the other day. That means that I've hit the 29k mark, which is two thirds of the book.

Most of my attention was focused on trying to push quixotic a little more locally, putting together the collection, as well as work on sorting things out on a personal level. There are a couple of things on the stove as we speak, but these will take some time to cook! I will keep you updated.

Funniest thing though, is the fact that just about every single person I met since I got back, first and foremost, commented on my head! Or what's on it to be exact. It seems that my latest hair-do is becoming the stuff of legend here in Bahrain already. One person in particular looked at me as if I had just come out of a burning wreckage unscathed!!! Many others felt obliged to give unwarrnted complements...

Seriously, people, it's just hair!


Kalita said...

your hair looks fine to me! I just popped by your site on bravehost and found out you moved back in April.

Followed you over so I could say hello.

Kalita Kasar

Ali Al Saeed said...

Hello back at you stranger!:)

Good to see you again.