Sunday, December 11, 2005


Last year, prior to publishing QuixotiQ, I conducted a poll for the blog visitors to sound their opinions of the cover artwork. So this might be becoming something of a tradition now.

Here, for the first time, is the (almost) final version of the cover artwork for my upcoming book, the collection of short stories, Moments. As it stands, I am most likely to go with Lulu this time ‘round. This gives me total control of the whole publishing process, from design, to layout, to content and even price and royalties. But that might change as no final plans have been, well, finalised!

What you see here is a cover design created entirely by myself. The photo I used, which I took quite some time ago, has a somewhat fascinating story behind it. But I won’t be sharing that with you just yet… hey, I gotta keep making you come back don’t I?

Copies of the manuscript have also gone out to people with expertise and background in the field for critique and feedback. This will all hopefully contirbute to producing a much more pure, flaw-free final book which in turn better your reading experince.

Go on, vote and voice your opinion on what you make of the cover. Feel free to drop me any further comments if you so wish. (You will find the mini-poll on the sidebar to the right of the screen. Right there!)


Cavan said...

Absolutely love the cover, it's like a mustang running free in a green meadow...hey, wait a minute...something's fishy here...


Ali Al Saeed said...

er, yes, sorry about that. I suppose i must clarify that these quotes are fill-ins and not the final thing!!! *blush*

You're not gonna sue me are ya?

Cavan said...

I'm willing to settle out of court. For a hefty sum of money, of course. :)